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 95% of leaders think they're self-aware, while only 10-15% actually are. 

 Step into a new paradigm of Communication, Networking, and Decision-Making!

With the SelfSense Pro Guide, you'll get:

★ A 6-step self-awareness video tutorial to help you identify your complexes and core values

★ A free worksheet to help you identify limiting beliefs and negative triggers that hinder personal growth

★ A free personality assessment to help you understand your strengths and development areas 

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This is where you're stuck...

What is the ONE thing that's standing in the way of you making the kind of progress you dream of? 

- With your confidence

- In your relationships

- With your personal goals


 Complexes limit EVERY ASPECT of your life:

LIfe happens, bad things hurt, they leave their mark on us, and this negative impact starts to limit: 

How we see ourselves

 … How we express what’s important to us

 … How we connect with others

… How we live meaningfully 

 Your complexes form limiting beliefs and behavior that fix your mindset in a cycle of negative patterns which manifest in every area of your life, reducing the quality of your experiences. 

Would you invest in yourself:

 🏆 If you had the power to manage your emotions, and choose how to respond rather than reacting without control?

🏆 If you could express yourself confidently, without worrying about what people will think or say about you?

🏆 If it was so much easier to choose connections and dynamics that enrich your life rather than drain it?

🏆 If you could achieve your goals consistently, without giving in to fear?  

 Because you ALREADY have the power to change your life!

Why I Care

As a Mindset Coach, I have an uncompromising compassion and belief in the human potential to overcome psychological barriers to progress.

I know firsthand how powerless it feels to constantly struggle to break free of limiting and negative patterns. I've watched helplessly as my complexes kept me from expressing myself, damaged my relationships, and kept me from pursuing my dreams. 

Now 7 years later, working with incredible coach clients, earning 6 figures, and with a network of lifelong learners, I can confidently tell you that what I'm sharing is exactly the process I used to get here. 

And you can do it, too.   

 Become proactive rather than reactive to adversity.

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